Practical Sadness

“There’s something about growing up in a family of truck drivers, hitting the road to tour and driving miles between her new home and where she cut her teeth musically that brings Kate’s story full circle and has created something both practical and beautiful from her sadness.” - Brittany Nader, The Devil Strip

“One of Nashville’s indie music gems since 2005… Tucker’s body of work uses insightful lyrics and melodic songwriting to explore both major life events and smaller, daily life moments.” - Wes Davenport, No Country for New Nashville

“Kate Tucker has been making things her way for ten years now and her new album, Practical Sadness, is the natural evolution of an artist weathering the inevitabilities of survival on the roller coaster of love and loss, and all the mundane moments in between… A record of the processes of grief and renewal” -The Vinyl District

Co-produced by Kate Tucker, Kenny Childers and Mark Watrous, recorded in one weekend in Bloomington, Indiana, Practical Sadness is out now on vinyl, CD and streaming platforms.


The Shape The Color The Feel 

"High-octane indie rock." 
-The Current

"Cardigans-meets-Beach House ethereal pop." 
-Star Tribune

"A wide-screen album just waiting for a film treatment." 
-American Songwriter

"What I love about this project is that its aim is to blow it all back out [...] But the real beauty of the project is that just as it seeks to recapture some of what music has lost to technology, [...] It's really an effort to bring the best of the past and present together." 
-Huffington Post

"Breathtaking vocals over sharp and beautiful instrumentation that create a dreamscape ambiance." 
-OWL Magazine

"Last year's The Shape The Color The Feel remains one of the most ambitious projects in recent memory. With a $21,125 Kickstarter funded campaign, Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden created a gorgeous tapestry of 10 songs, 10 videos and a visual art installation." 
-No Country for New Nashville

"Kate and her quartet have a gorgeous sound, characterized by ethereal vocals shrouded in twinkling keys, a pulsing rhythm and icy, U2-esque guitars." 

"Dreamy Indie Pop that makes you wanna go on a long roadtrip." 
-Kentucky Seven

"Preview tracks from The Shape The Color The Feel bristle with newfound urgency, with guitarist Wes Chandler's reverbed, Edge-influenced guitar lines serving as a powerful backdrop to Tucker's lighter-than-air vocal presence on the punchy, perfectly modulated "Hangover." The feel is measured and the emphasis is on melody over mayhem but there's no denying the rush of adrenaline that's at the beating heart. . ." 
-Dave Curtis, Direct Current

Out now on vinyl, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and in fine record stores. 

Photos: Jessie English