Kate Tucker Releases Second Single "It's True" from her forthcoming album, Practical Sadness

Nashville-based songwriter singer Kate Tucker is set to release a slate of singles, videos and VR experiences leading up to a winter 2018 debut of her full length LP, Practical Sadness, written and recorded by Tucker in the year following her mother’s unexpected death.  

Tucker considers her new album “more of an antidote to sadness, rather than an expression of it,” and the single "It's True" holds true to her claim. The song is pop from the get-go and unabashedly so, with insistently jangly guitars and a hook reminiscent of the opening from your favorite sitcom. But Tucker has never been one to hang out on the surface. The song carries a deeper sentiment that feels at once celebratory in its defiance and lonely in its confession. 

"I wrote 'It's True' with Preston Lovinggood and it was the first time we'd worked together. We didn't know each other well and I think we were both wishing we could retreat into our own separate corners, but somehow we were able to channel that into song. 
Sometimes I can feel oddly disconnected from even the people who know me and love me the most. Sometimes strangers on the subway seem more familiar.  This song feels like getting lost in the city where you can be completely alone in a place and still part of something. Still human. Still alive." 

"It's True" follows the release of "In Your Arms" which premiered on The Vinyl District along with a VR experience. 




"It's True" cover art - Jessie English

"It's True" cover art - Jessie English