Kate Tucker is a Nashville-based songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer. She fronts Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden and is also one half of the pop duo Little Reader. Tucker’s solo work ventures from shimmering indie pop to explore deeper shades of rock, reflecting early Stones, The Velvet Underground and Courtney Barnett, with occasional forays into a land inhabited by Cat Power, Mazzy Star and David Lynch.

Growing up in a family of truck drivers, Tucker became acquainted with the American road from an early age. A sense of place, space, home, and the vast unknown continues to inform her work in both mood and lyric. Perhaps this frequent travel set in motion what would become her own musical journey, cutting her teeth in Akron rock clubs, moving to France to busk in the streets of Paris, setting off for Seattle to start a band, only to hit the road again for NYC to finally land in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the midst of this, she’s built a strong catalog of work and garnered a devoted fan base grassroots style, releasing everything on her own independent label, Red Valise Recordings. Her songs have charted both college and commercial radio and landed spots on numerous TV shows, feature films, and compilations.

After touring the US with Sons of Sweden for The Shape The Color The Feel visual album, Tucker returned to the studio, this time for Little Reader, a sunny pop project with Broken West (Merge Records) singer Ross Flournoy. Their debut album, The Big Score, came out in 2017 .

Kate dropped a solo LP, Practical Sadness, on April 6, 2018 on vinyl, CD and streaming platforms with a US tour to back it up. That same year, she joined Band Of Their Own, an all-female super group including members of Belly, Veruca Salt, Letters to Cleo and The Bangles.

Kate’s most recent endeavors include the KT Record Club, which releases a brand new song a month to subscribers, and BAAM Collective, an artist-run sync platform of which she is a co-founder.

2019 will also hold the premiere of The Shape The Color The Feel documentary, following the creative community that emerged around what Huffington Post called an “admirably ambitious” project led by Tucker to record and release a full length album on vinyl, with thirteen music videos, three short films, and a documentary.